TCA effectively treats injured workers from moment of injury to release from care. Most common workplace injuries are perfect for telehealth care. With over 50,000 visits completed since 2019 we have seen just about everything. Here are our most common injuries that we see daily.

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See our top 4 most common types of injuries

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Whether an injured worker strains their neck, back, wrist, ankle, elbow or we have the best treatment plans to get our patients back to work safer, faster and smarter. With Telecare Anywhere’s access to a network of medical equipment and supplies the patient can receive crutches, splints or whatever medical equipment the patient needs with overnight delivery.
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Using the latest and best telehealth technology our treating providers can easily identify and treat contusions to places on the body most effected by workplace accidents. If X-rays or MRIs are needed they can easily be scheduled through our platform and our doctors will receive the results to determine future treatment plans on the injured workers follow up visit.
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Minor Lacerations, Abrasions and Burns

Minor first aid instruction is easy and effective through telehealth. 1st degree burns, small lacerations and abrasions can be identified and treated directly at the work place under physician supervision saving employees and employers time. Over the counter ointments, wraps, bandages and medicine is usually enough to treat these types of injuries and our doctors always give patients the instruction they need to care for their wounds.
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Complicated Injuries

Yes, even some complicated injuries can be diagnosed and treated through the telecare anywhere virtual clinic. Sciatica, lumbar radiculopathy, and minor head injuries are commonly treated virtually. However, if our providers ever believe an injury should be seen in an urgent care our team is notified immediately to coordinate a transfer out of the virtual clinic.

Quality, Guideline Based Care

We treat patients nationally in all 50 states. Telecare anywhere has developed a standardized treatment process that is proven to work and follows the local laws and regulations for workers compensation care no matter the patient location. This process is followed every visit using the latest and greatest proprietary technology. Our patients will receive easy to follow instructions on how to return to work all while keeping the employer, insurer and any other interested party informed every step of the way.

Better Outcomes:

Allowing for use of telehealth in treating injured workers in the workers compensation system has proven successful and will continue to expand access to qualified medical professionals, which not only provides better outcomes for getting workers back to work but also provides for equity in our healthcare system

Better Care:

Personalized, guideline-based treatment plans that are easy to follow directly on the patients telecare anywhere account and are proven to get the patient back to work faster.


Patient triaged, assessed and treated within 30 minutes from injury from their workplace or home.

travel time to a clinic

Reduced from 20 minutes to being treated at the job site or home.

wait time for the doctor

Reduced from 2 hours to 10 minutes

time away from work

Reduced from 4 hours to 30 minutes