Innovative Virtual Clinic for Workers Compensation

At Telecare Anywhere we have developed a full virtual occupational health clinic that offers all the treatment options that an injured worker receives at a doctor’s office. We follow our patients through our virtual environment from the moment of injury to being released from care and back to work. With most cases the patients never need to see a doctor in person saving time and money for employers while maintaining the highest level of care.

Reduced Cost


Patient Satisfaction

Virtual Clinic
Moment of injury until released from care.
Guideline Based Care
Standardized care that’s proven to work.
Lower Costs
Compared to seeing a doctor in person.

All in one solution for injured workers and their employers

By using advanced telehealth technology platforms and proprietary software we deliver virtual care to injured workers in an organized and efficient process that not only matches in person care but goes above and beyond what an injured worker would receive in a B&M setting. 

Consistent Quality Care, Anywhere

Each of our healthcare providers are board certified and trained in Workers Compensation care to make sure our treatment plans are consistent and carefully crafted for each injured worker, providing them with return to work instructions that are clear and concise so they can get back to work safer, faster and smarter. 

Efficient, Immediate Care

TCA saves time and money for injured workers, employers, and their insurers. Workers comp care through telemedicine allows for our team to immediately triage, schedule and assign a doctor to an injured worker in as little as 30 minutes, where they can be seen by a board certified medical doctor from the comfort of their office or home. Saving countless hours of time and money you would usually see when getting an Injured Worker to and from a clinic, emergency department, or urgent care.

Reducing Costs

Costly emergency room visits, and unnecessary clinic visits are avoided, while evidence based medical treatments are obtained sooner. The results are reductions in medical costs and lost time from work all while improving employee satisfaction. 

HIPAA Compliant and Secure

Securing our patients protected health information is our top priority for any of our virtual care solutions. That’s why we have implemented the highest technology standards for securing our patient data. We utilize in-house counsel for HIPAA security and have been granted a seal of HIPAA certification from 3rd party compliancy groups.