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Our Programs

Telecare Anywhere is building a national telemedicine network of primary care physicians and consulting specialists for workers’ compensation cases that are designed to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, provide easy access to care, and give injured workers the best treatment outcomes possible.

TCA allows patients access to specialist medical consultations from the comfort of their own primary care physician’s office.These medical consultations will be based on guideline-based medicine, which has been proven to speed up healing times and reduce medical costs.

TCA’s programs are made possible by utilizing a network of guideline-based specialty physicians. There is a shortage of providers who practice guideline-based medicine with competency and skill in many communities around the country. However, with the use of telemedicine technology, Telecare Anywhere is able to connect injured workers to these specialty doctors quickly and effectively, anywhere and at any time.

About Us

TCA was established and tested in Illinois, in 2009 to treat injured workers and received broad acceptance by hospitals, physicians and patients. Since then technology and industry understanding of telemedicine has advanced allowing TCA to promote guideline-based medical care using telemedicine.