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Learn More About Us

Telecare Anywhere is a new and innovative telemedicine company that is developing technology and programs developed to be implemented in Worker’s Compensation scenarios.  These programs have been designed with the express purpose of providing access and care to injured workers as quickly and competently as possible in order to get them healthy and back to work quicker.  

Telecare Anywhere has strong and lasting relationships with many insurance companies and third-party administrators looking to provide their clients and injured workers with world-class and innovative medical care designed to help patients recover faster and more reliably.

Telecare Anywhere is creating a network of doctors board-certified in Neurology (N); Occupational Medicine (OM); Orthopedic Surgery (OS); Pain Management (PM); Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R); and other specialties as necessary in order to provide the best care for any medical care an injured worker might need.